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    OBERMEYER Won Prestigious YUANYE Architecture Gold Award

    OBERMEYER Won Prestigious YUANYE Architecture Gold Award

    The 2021 Healthy Human Settlements and Future Cities International Conference & the 11th Yuanye-Summit Forum were successfully held in Xi'an on March 27th to 28th. The OBERMEYER design for architecture and landscape of the Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Reserve Phase 2 won the Architecture Gold Award during the 11th Yuanye ceremony. Ms. Liu Chunyang, the responsible Architecture Design Director of OBERMEYER, took the pride to attend the Yuanye-Summit and accept the Architecture Gold Award.


    In the planning and design of the Chinese Sturgeon Nature Reserve on Chongming Island, OBERMEYER took the culture along the Yangtze River as specific source for design inspiration, whilst following the Chinese philosophical thought of "harmony between man and nature". That way ecology, harmony, and heritage inflected the design concept and incorporated architectural aesthetics and contemporary technology as the design means. The result ensembles a beautiful and intelligently crafted space for this research center.

    The overall programming of this project is a natural ecological park with the embedded complex for science popularization, ecological experience & research and cultivation. Clear functional zoning, ecological integration and streamlined design are the crucial conditions to protect the efficient operation of the research facility. The center manages the water resources effectively by applying the principles of sustainability for achieving a comprehensive result of excellence in design and function. With the complex of buildings and extensive landscape design being under construction, OBERMEYER and its realization-partner SCDRI are looking forward to have this accomplishment taken into operation.